Top 5 Cheap Sectional Sofas in 2017

modern affordable sectional sofa Furniture – one of the vital things in our homes. Imagine rooms without it, yes I agree, it would be very boring and
you would feel empty and cold inside your heart. When we talk about the furniture, sofa comes as a first association, because it means a lot in our rooms. Choosing the right sofa or couch is definitely the important part of our comfort living, and you have to agree with me, we all want to have comfort in our homes.

Firstly let’s have some tips on choosing right sofa for our rooms. Let’s say we need the sofa for our living room – you have to clarify one thing: why you want a sofa in the room? For watching TV in front of a sectional sofa or you just want to have quiet living room and use it only for reading books, magazines, or even get rest.

After you clarified your goal, you have to move on next big thing – is your room big or small? Check it and choose sectional sofa only after that. Understand which part of a room it would take and analyze if you want to add additional chairs, coffee table and etc. So you have to deeply analyze the scale of your room and understand how big sofa you want.

The color of the sofa has also a vital part. You have to acknowledge which color would be great for your room and will it be a good combination with the color of walls.

Check what the specific functions of sofas are and then decide if they are the right to pick for you. For example there are different types of cheapest sectional sofas, for example, right hand seated or left hand seated sofas and you have to understand which part of your living room it will cover to choose the perfect one for your room.

top 5 cheap sectional sofas in 2017

Ranks ImageModelPrice Our Rating 
1inexpensive sectional sofa under 200Modern Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa $$4.5 of 5
2modern affordable sectional sofaModern Linen Sectional Sofa (Yellow) $$4.3 of 5

4.9 of 5
41BoDIVANO ROMA Modern Sectional Sofabkona Trenton 2-Piece Sectional $$4.2 of 5
5affordable sectional sofaPoundex Bobkona 2-Piece Sofa $$4.3 of 5

 The main part is price and no matter what, if something is cheap we will go and buy it without taking any time to make the decision. It’s really hard to choose the right sectional sofa or couch and it gets even harder when we want to get it for cheap prices but we will help you to cover few sofas and help you to choose perfect ones. In fact, you have to analyze them with a different range of prices so below we will provide you with cheap sectional sofas – be the judge and choose the perfect one. We will cover some cheapest sectional sofas under 200, 300, 400 or 500 USD,

Check out top 5 cheap sectional sofas and couches in 2017

1. Modern Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa

inexpensive sectional sofa under 200

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Let’s look after cheap sectional sofas under 200 . The winner is definitely this Modern Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa. The price is low but quality? The quality of it is very high, so you won’t be disappointed in your choice. Now let dive deep in specific details of this stunning couch. So you don’t have to worry about the size of your room because this sofa is not that large to take all the space of your room because it’s very easily to be installed in any part of your room. There is the wide range of colors – and better choose a white or black version, because this two goes well with this comfy sofa. As we stated above the price is very affordable and it’s definitely the huge advantage for this great cheap sectional couch. It’s also very firm and lightweight; this sofa is definitely the perfect choice for studio style flats.

2. Modern Linen Fabric Small Space Sectional Sofa (Yellow)

modern affordable sectional sofa

Best Price

  As we all know, sectional sofas are made mostly for our needs. There are different types of it, but this specific one is perfect and lets us explain why. It has almost all the vital features which we all need from sectional sofas. First of all, it is very cheap, and by this feature, it can beat all its competitors. And you may ask what about other features? The design of this sectional sofa is very beautiful and rare. It has a unique look and just look at it, you will fall in love at first glance. It has very solid and strong legs, which means that sofa can hold lots of weight.

Despite the fact that this one is a small sofa, it can easily hold lots of weight.  This sofa is small and will fit in any room. So it does not matter you have big or small room, this sectional sofa will fit anywhere. We should mention the fact that this beautiful sofa has some romantic vibes because of its unique design. As you see, small space sectional sofa is worth it, find the part of room for it, and it will fit perfectly.


3.Bobkona Poundex 3-Piece Sectional Sofa

Best Price

   Bobkona 3-Piece sectional couch is definitely the top choice if we have to choose something under 500. Let’s check some pros and cons of this sofa and understand why is this one so good that everyone who brought was very happy. Price – this is the main and vital part because the cheap, affordable and great price will make you sure to go for this stunning beauty.

In fact, Bobkona sectional sofa will exceed your expectations, in any area of it. It is 2-piece sofa which means that it includes one little loveseat and one sectional couch which is 3-seater. You also don’t have to worry about the size of the room because Bobkona Sectional sofa won’t take huge space. It can be easily placed in any area your room. It’s also very comfy in front of TV if you want to watch some interesting programs and TV shows, but it’s also very cozy for reading newspapers or books.

Another positive thing about this couch is that you can choose different colors – top ones are black, chocolate lookalike and red one. Additional loveseat makes this sectional sofa very impressive and addictive because you can’t deny how beautiful this couch and loveseat look together. It’s also very soft and squishy; this makes Bobkona couch even more addictive.  It looks like a left hand seated sofa, so you have to choose the perfect part of room for it. As you see we have reviewed all the part of Bobkona sectional sofa and by far, this one beats all the cheap sectional sofas under five hundreds USD. Price, size, the wide range of colors, lightweight and comfy type makes it as one of the best couches of all times.

4. Divano Roma Modern Contemporary Linen Sectional Sofa

this is best rated cheap sectional sofas under 400

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Let’s discuss cheap sectional sofas under 400 USD, and let me introduce one of the most comfortable and great sofas ever made. Yes, you read it right; it’s one of the best because of few different specs. First of all, it’s beautiful and modern design which will make you say “wow’ after you see it. In the 21st century, it’s really challenging to design and create something modern because we are living in a most stylish era of all time in human history.  So think about it, if the couch has modern, lavish elements it would be great no matter what – so Divano Roma Furniture Modern Contemporary Linen Sectional Sofa is the perfect one.

Now about the size – you have to adjust the right area of your room because this sofa will take a good space and you should be ready for this, but look this is a cozy, stunning and soft sofa with contemporary stylish elements so you can’t reject this kind of offer. Price is under 400 USD which is definitely obtainable and people who love modern styles, especially in their living rooms then this couch should be affordable for them.

This sofa has chrome legs and it makes this beautiful furniture even more addictive. Now about the colors – it has different ones and you can choose the perfect and as we stated above, because of its modern style you can choose only from these colors – Light gray, dark gray, beige and red. We have provided you with the top performer in cheapest sectional sofas under 400 USD and as we stated above, it has lots of advantages. So now you are the judge – take a look at this beauty and make a decision.

5. Poundex Bobkona 2-Piece Sectional Sofa

affordable sectional sofa

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Poundex Bobkona Vegas Blended Linen 2-Piece Sectional Sofa is a great example how cheap price and sleek design can exceed your expectations, and get the best piece of furniture for your living room without a doubt. Price plays a vital part in choosing the right sofa and this time we have to announce that this beautiful creature is less than 500 USD. Yes, this furniture is one of the best among the cheapest sectional sofas under 500. Its big one and it will take some space so check if it’s available to place this modern and lavish sofa somewhere in your living room.

In fact, it is very comfy with any approach, for example, if you want to watch TV and have a cozy sofa in front of it? This is perfect one, or if you want to drink coffee and read some newspapers? This is perfect one at this time too. You can choose from two different colors and they are quite different ones – dark blue and carmine, not the big deal in colors but it’s so comfortable and beautifully designed that you won’t be disappointed in these two colors after all. Poundex Bobkona Vegas Blended Linen 2-Piece sectional sofa is right hand seated one and also it comes with the adjustable armrest.  There are lots of happy owners of this beauty who say that this cozy sofa exceeded their expectations because of its contemporary look and a good amount of seating.

As you can see, there are different types, colors and even differently sized sofas. We covered all the best and leading ones in their field, we even covered cheapest sectional sofas under 500 $, 400 $, 300 $ and 200 $. You have to check all of them and see which one suits you better.

At last, we want you to set a goal and specify what type of sofas you want? Choose the right size for the space of your room, choose the right color for the walls of your room and understand which functions you want the sofa to have. A Little summary of cheapest sectional couches now gives you the perfect idea and lots of information about your future purchase, so get ready and pick the right one.