Top 5 Cheap Twin Bed Frames in 2017 – Review and Comparison

When we want to be full of energy and get good night’s sleep, firstly we have to choose the right bed frame. We have
to find perfect bed frame for our height, weight, etc. there are different things which we have to keep in mind before purchasing new bed frames, so before diving deep in reviewing different types of bed frames, let’s first talk about differences between different bed frames.

There are lots of types of bed frames, for example, we can choose different frames because of their sizes. You would see frames called king size, queen size, twin size, etc. Today we will focus on twin bed frames and especially cheap twin bed frames. Why twin frames? This one is very affordable and easy to use; it can be used by one person and is ideal bed frame for guests.

In fact, people buy because of their children, to have their beds, and also the height is not the problem, there are XL sizes of cheap twin bed frames. Now let’s dive deep and cover few cheap and affordable twin bed frames, after that you be the judge.

Check out this gathering of the top cheap twin size bed frames in 2017

ImageModelOur RatingPrice
Zinus 14 Inch MATTRESS FOUNDATION4.5 of 5$$
OLEE SLEEP 14 INCH T-3000 BED FRAME4.4 of 5$$

Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation4.5 of 5$$

1. Zinus 14 Inch Easy To Assemble SmartBase Mattress Foundation


Zinus is a very popular company in bed frames aspect. I bet you already have heard about it and now you are interested in this specific twin bed frame. The quality of this bed frame is high, and you will be amazed how strong it would stand still after few months of using. You can jump, roll or crawl on bed anytime you want but there would be no sounds, so it’s very quiet bed frame.

In fact, you can fit any mattresses on it, so it’s one of the advantages of this inexpensive twin bed frame has. Now about the design – this affordable twin size bed frame has the unique and different look so that it will exceed your expectations.

Installing is very easy – bed frame comes with easy, step by step instructions
and  if you follow it, the company states that you would install and assemble it in up 20 minutes. It comes with a wrench, which is a very important tool for installing bed frame in your bedroom. As my friend said, It took him 10 minutes to install bed frame in his bedroom, and he is very satisfied even after using it for five months.


2. Zinus 14 Inch MyEuro SmartBase / Wooden Slat / Mattress Foundation

This specific bed frame has a unique and stunning look so that you will like the design of it. Now let’s discuss all the features of MyEuro Smartbase. It’s no secret that ZInus is dominating bed frame market and has sold millions of bed frames and user satisfaction comes because they are always focused only on quality and the needs of their customers. So this bed frame is also interesting because it has all the basic feature, that little cheap twin bed frame should have.

We already talked about it’s beautiful design, but also we have to keep in mind that its very cheap and affordable.As
in company assistant told me, this bed is strong support for my back and good night’s sleep. As he mentioned, this is very strong bed frame and will stand strong still after few years of using.

  Now let’s talk about the noises that some beds are making, while we
are trying to roll or move from one side of bed to another. So there would be no noises because it has very strong foundation and it’s quit bed frame. Installing this one is very easy, and it will take you like 10 minutes to finish everything. In fact, you don’t need to have used any specific tools, so it’s easy to assemble in just a few minutes by any person at any age.

3. Olee Sleep 14 Inch T-3000 Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame

If you want to buy twin bed frame with beautiful, charming and addictive design, then this is the special one you are looking for. Olee’s twin bed frame is very cheap and worth every penny. What about the pros of this frame?

This one has no weird noises, has very strong legs and will last for a long time. Has a unique design and comes with step by step guidelines and instructions about installing and using it after installation. People who brought it are very satisfied with the results. My friend, Garry, told me that he was expecting some cheap metal legs, but he was wrong.

This bed frame comes with very strong and solid legs, and as the instructions state, it will hold up to 2200lbs. He also mentioned that even two people slept on it together and this strong bed frame was quiet and solid still. If you want to buy an affordable and reliable frame, this one is a perfect choice.


4. Zinus Compact 6-Leg Support Bed Frame

And here comes the Zinus product again, that’s why this company

beats all the competitors in bed frames market. This one is very good and solid frame, with six legs. You can easily add two additional legs anytime you want, to make sure that this bed stands tall and strong. If someone with big weight laid on it, it would be better to add these additional two legs and make this strong, solid bed frame even stronger.

One of the best advantages of this bed frame is that you can easily putany mattresses and so, you don’t have to worrybest cheap bed frames about choosing it. In fact, this bed frame is the perfect one for one person, so if you want to buy it for some guests who will come in your house in future, then this is the right choice.

Installing is very easy, and in fact, anyone can install it with the instructions, it comes with pictures which are easy to understand. To sum up this bed frame – low price, beautiful design, and strong legs make this bed frame one of the best.


5. Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation /Platform Bed Frame/ Box Spring Replacement

cheap bed frame

This bed frame is very impressive. We should start from its lavish and stunning designs. It has a unique and beautiful look, and you will like it, trust me. The bed itself is very strong, with stronger legs and solid frame. So you should not worry about the weight of a person lying on this bed. In fact, twin bed frames are good for just one person and it’s

perfect if you are going to purchase it for your children or the guests. Its right to the bed frame for queen mattresses, and they will fit each other perfectly.

You also don’t have to worry about the installation, because it will take up to 20 minutes. The bed frame comes with warranty and easy to follow instructions, even one person can install it without any special tools.

Today we covered different products in twin bed frames. From what we have seen, there are different options, features and etc. Before purchasing any of them, firstly you have to understand the purpose of your bed – it’s just sleeping or do you want to match it with the design of your room? Or do you want to match your bed with the vibes of your room? Maybe you want to buy beds with romantic vibes for you and your wife strong relationship? Or you just want to purchase it for your children?  It all depends on your needs –you have to really understand the purpose of it and then you will find the best one easily. As you see we just covered 5 of top cheap twin bed frames, they are different because of their size, legs, designs and unique looks, so just decide your “why” and then go for it.